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  «Управление образованием: теория и практика»  

Сетевое издание
«Управление образованием:
теория и практика»

Online media
«Management of education:
theory and practice»


105062, Москва, ул. Макаренко, д. 5/16


ФГБНУ «Институт управления образованием Российской академии образования»


E-mail: iuorao.onir@gmail.com


105062, Moscow, Makarenko St., 5/16.


FSBSI «Institute of management of education
of the Russian academy of education»


E-mail: iuorao.onir@gmail.com

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About edition

Главный редактор, Редакционный совет
и Редакционная коллегия

Editor-in-chief, Editorial council
and Editorial board

Правила направления, рецензирования
и опубликования статей

Rules of the Direction, Reviewing
and Publication of articles

Требования к оформлению статей

Requirements to registration of articles

Номера издания / Issues of edition

About edition

The online media is registered in The Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications – the Certificate of registration ЭЛ № ФС77-62103 of 17 June 2015 (the initial certificate ЭЛ № ФС77-40344 of 18 June 2010). The edition is included in the Russian index of scientific citing and has the International standard serial number – ISSN 2311-2174. Frequency of an exit of the issues of the magazine – 4 releases a year.

Relevance of the edition is caused by need of consolidation of a creative power of scientists and experts in connection with global changes in area of management of Russian education, in connection with emergence of new theoretical, legislative, economic and technological prerequisites for creation of modern models of management of Russian education at the federal, regional and municipal levels.



1. Questions of educational policy and right
2. Methodology and theory of management of education
3. Sociological researches for adoption of administrative decisions in the field of education
4. Information and communication technologies in management of education
5. Preparation of administrative and pedagogical personnel for an education system
6. Practice of management of education